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The TRUST DEED below covers all fines and taxes (including council tax, ULEZ, VAT etc & self-employed) but not PAYE/NI which is taken out at source.


If you are employed, go to the PAYE/NI dropdown section for letter samples to employers.


You can use the DEED below for all other taxes and fines. See Laws Governing War document at the bottom of the page which you also need to send recorded delivery with your signed, witnessed Deed. You hold onto your promissory note which you keep with the monies saved in Trust for HM Gov. At the close of the financial year, you send the Trustee's End of Year Letter below.

Though successive governments have failed to observe the oaths they have pledged, signed and ratified, such as the Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism (by enacting the Terrorism Act 2000), the UN Charter, the UN Declaration on Principles of International Law and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, we the people can still uphold these solemn oaths formulated to protect men, women & children across the globe. To pay tax, is to be complicit in the criminal activities of our successive governments.

HMRC and the Councils can of course not be expected to understand international law, but ignorance is not an option. Once they have been informed, they must abide by the same laws that were agreed on and to which the United Kingdom government is a signatory. Follow up/rebuttal letters for HMRC and the Councils are also available on the site. As are pre-Action Protocols.

Promissory Note

End of Year Letter for the Primary Beneficiary from the Trustee (you)

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