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If you were to describe the last four years to a friendly alien, they probably wouldn't believe it. Yet government corruption, fraud, extortion and their inability to remain within the bounds of international law, is something which has been happening for years - centuries even. Only now it's more overt. Now, there are more ways of passing information and more  quickly. Information is everywhere - real, imaginary and horrifying in equal measure. Survival has become a race against time between governments very much off the reservation and in some cases slipping into psychosis and we, The People, trying to bring as many on board as possible to join the fight before our tyrannical, gaslighting overlords - who consider themselves our leaders - privatise everything from energy to waterways and finally enslave us within their digitally panopiticon, by bringing in the all seeing central digital bank currency.

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Civil Servants Threaten Lawsuit

Civil Servants Union the PCS has warned the government that it is ‘seriously considering’ taking legal action to allow departmental officials to cease involvement in the export of arms to Israel, over concerns that the supply of UK weapons to Israel is illegal under international law because of its conduct in Gaza. Paul O'Connor, head of bargaining for PCS said: ‘The International Court of Justice considers that some of the alleged acts by Israel in Gaza could potentially be considered within the provisions of the Genocide Convention. PCS concurs with that view. We believe that the UK government has an obligation to do all it can to halt the onslaught. As it does not appear to be willing to do so, we are seriously considering taking legal action to prevent our members from being forced to carry out unlawful acts’. 

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Cashless Society, More Crime

Sweden is an important test case on fighting cashless crime because it’s gone further on ditching paper money than almost any other country in Europe. As a result, online fraud and digital crime in Sweden have surged, with criminals taking 1.2 billion kronor in 2023 through scams - doubling from 2021. Law-enforcement agencies estimate that the size of Sweden’s criminal economy could amount to as high as 2.5% of the country’s gross domestic product. Sweden’s switch to electronic cash started after a surge of armed robberies in the 1990s, and by 2022, only 8% of Swedes said they had used cash for their latest purchase, according to a central bank survey. Along with neighboring Norway, Sweden has Europe’s lowest number of ATMs per capita, according to the IMF.

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Incoming CBDCs

While ‘fleecing the flock’ as the central bankers refer to Boom & Bust has kept the worldwide multitude in poverty for centuries, CBDCs will not only be less tangible and anonymous than the printed Bank of England note, they will be programmable; designed with in-built rules to constrain the user. With CBDCs, the choice of when, where and how you spend your money will be taken from you.


Your money can be frozen, purchase choices curtailed, spending limits imposed and CBDC expiry dates set, meaning that if you haven't spent your digital pound within a certain timeframe, it will suddenly become worthless.


The private Bank of England may well pledge to ‘keep issuing cash in the UK as long as people want to use it’, but the government has already limited access to cash, by placing limits on withdrawals.

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