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Cryptography is the ultimate form of non-violent direct action

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the world is not sliding, but galloping into a new

transnational dystopia

most of the time we are not aware how close to violence we are because we all grant concessions to avoid it

we have met the enemy

A force that can modify historical records, tap phones, separate people, transform complexity into rubble and erect walls, like an occupying army.

the state will leech into the veins and arteries of our new societies

...every web page, every message sent and every thought googled and then store this knowlege

active, alert and involved citizens

The State will go on to mine and mine again this treasure, the collective private intellectual output of humanity, with ever more sophisticated search and pattern finding algorithms - maximizing the power imbalance between interceptors and the intercepted.

but we discovered something

our one hope against total domination


- Julian Assange

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