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DEED (Standard) for withholding Council Tax

Laws Governing War, Genocide & Their Funding

Council Sample Letter 1

Council Sample Letter 2

If you so choose, you can also send the DEED below to the CEO of your Council, asking that the Council also withholds tax (their employees pay PAYE/NI). Remind them that the collecting and paying of taxes which go on to fund illegal wars, genocide and crimes against humanity is in breach of international law and carries a jail term.

DEED for Councillors

Trust Follow Up Letter

Communication for Pre-Action Protocol

Sample letter for CEOs of Councils

Advice on dealing with unwanted visitors

Council Tax - dealing with bailiffs & police.png

Pre-Action Protocol


TRUST are what MPs and oligarchs use to avoid tax. We are not avoiding tax, we are holding the taxes in trust for HMG until such time that HMG is willing to abide by International Law.


The alternative is to pay our taxes direct to HMG (as opposed to paying them into a revocable TRUST for HMG) wherein we would then be breaking International Law ourselves by aiding and abetting war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

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