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Chris Coverdale set up ProbityCo in order to help those who do not wish to fund illegal wars of aggression, to withhold their taxes lawfully, using the same method as the oligarchs.

Because our taxes are used to pay for the guns, bullets and bombs which have contributed to the murder of 6M people since WWII, it is important to abide by international law, something our government is unwilling to do.


Membership includes fortnightly tax specific Q&As and access to all documents such as DEEDS, sample letters and Pre-Action Protocols.


There will soon be a private members' area where people can swap stories from the trenches. This is a war after all. And we are winning.

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Chris Coverdale

Chris Coverdale has dedicated his life to informing local and central governments on how to observe and enforce the laws of war. 


Immediately following Israel’s offensive in Gaza, Chris set up ProbityCo to reach out directly to taxpayers and help them avoid complicity in aiding and abetting war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide through the payment of taxes. By withholding tax lawfully, taxpayers are empowered to hold HM Government to account until it learns to abide by those international laws to which it is a signatory. 

You can read Chris Coverdale's written evidence to the Foreign Affairs Committee about the UK's foreign policy approach to Afghanistan and Pakistan here.


If you'd like to buy Chris an expensive coffee, please hit the button below. We have to keep him going somehow!

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