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UK Military Interventions Since WWII

Why I Refuse to Fund War

Britain has deployed its armed forces for combat over 80 times in 47 countries since the end of the Second World War, in episodes ranging from brutal colonial wars and covert operations to efforts to prop up favoured governments or to deter civil unrest.

The Cost of War report below reviews the latest research to examine the causal pathways that have led to an estimated 3.6-3.8 million indirect deaths in post-9/11 war zones, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. The total death toll in these war zones could be at least 4.5-4.7 million and counting, though the precise mortality figure remains unknown. Some people were killed in the fighting, but far more, especially children, have been killed by the reverberating effects of war, such as the spread of disease.

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David Hearst on Why European Jews Should Leave Israel

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Genocide action filed against Israel at the International Court of Justice

Blinne Ni Ghralaigh puts forward a powerful and compelling argument as to why Israel

should be found guilty of genocide for their actions in the Gaza Strip.

On 29 December, South Africa filed a lawsuit before the ICJ, accusing Israel of committing crimes amounting to genocide in the Gaza Strip, which has been subjected to a fierce war for more than three months. The filing inclided the decades-long occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people in both the West Bank and Gaza. Indonesia also filed against Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserted, “Nobody will stop us...we will continue the war in the Gaza Strip until we achieve all our objectives. The Hague and the axis of evil will not stop us."

Tayab Ali Talks to MEE About Bringing MPs to Justice for War Crimes

Tayab Ali talks to Middle East Eye about holding the UK's political class to justice for their actions in Gaza.

A Solicitor and director of the International Centre of justice for Palestinians, Tayab has warned UK government officials they may be individually liable for crimes against humanity and war crimes by aiding and abetting Israel's murderous activities in Gaza.


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Following the commencement of Russia's Special Military Operation/invasion in Ukraine, a peace deal was brokered. Boris Johnson and the UK/US/EU regime weren't after peace and persuaded Zelensky not to go ahead with the deal.

A year and a half later, Russia has now incorporated four regions into the Russian Federation, roughly 20% of Ukraine and 500,000 (some estimates are as high as 1.5M) Ukrainian soldiers are dead, including over 10,000 civilians. The cost of destruction is estimated to be $143BN and there are now 6.3 million Ukrainian refugees. The UK has committed £4.6 billion in military assistance to Ukraine so far including


Length of war in Yemen: 8 years.

Direct and indirect deaths: 377,000 (UN).

Since the War on Yemen began, the UK has provided £23 billion pounds worth of fighter jets, bombs and missiles to the Saudi-led coalition for use in Yemen.

Arms sales in these circumstances are prohibited by UK rules, which say they should not be allowed where there is a “clear risk” that a weapon “might” be used in a serious violation of International Humanitarian Law.

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