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In 2007 Chris Coverdale reported the British Government to the Police at Belgravia Police Station, citing genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, crimes against peace & conduct ancillary to such crimes, all of which was being conducted by the British government - including Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Jack Straw and Jeff Hoon- in relation to the war in Iraq. No action was taken. The lack of prosecution effectively gave a free pass to subsequent governments to carry on doing more of the same. When no-one gets prosecuted, the criminals take over.

Chris Coverdale explains to Crypro Rich how to put your tax aside for safekeeping until such time that HM Government feels it is able to honour international and domestic law and refuses to be complicit in war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

CryptoRich talks to Matt Le Tissier and Chris Coverdale about withholding tax legally to prevent the payments being used for crimes against humanity, war crimes, wars of aggression and genocide.

Ken O'Keefe on why everybody who wishes to abide by International (and domestic) Law should be setting aside their taxes in a TRUST for HM Gov until such a time that HMG can show the taxes will not be used in the commission of a crime.

Chris Coverdale explains to Richard Vobes that while governments ignore international laws and treaties they've signed up to, sovereign individuals still have a responsibility to their fellow human beings not to fund genocide, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity as we have done for decades and continue to do in Yemen, Palestine and beyond.

Justin Walker explains how we can bring back a credit based currency such as The Bradbury Pound backed solely by our own sweat equity and endeavours and cancel the boom and bust cycle of debt that the central bankers refer to as 'fleecing the flock'.  The flock has had enough.

Ken O'Keefe talks to Chris Coverdale about how paying tax can be illegal if the taxes are spent on crimes against humanity, war and genocide and how to go about withholding the tax legally. He also talks to Rodney Shakespeare about the state of the financial system.

Chris Coverdale visits the Richard Vobes Show 12th January 2024 to give an update on Deeds, Laws, Trusts, Criminal Governments, Genocide and how to ethically withhold tax to avoid being complicit in any of the above.

Our government is a foreign corporation. This is why they are investing in hurting the people rather than protecting their rights. This is an insurrection.


It's time to peacefully assemble and form our own, private PMA for all residents of Maricopa County who seek protection from these public tyrants. They are servants of the people. We are The People.

Councils do not have the right to summons a person to court. Proof that Council Tax has been collected fraudulently as the magistrates did not sign off on the summons, making them fraudulent and invalid. The magistrates and judges (Portsmouth Council in this case) could not possibly consider each case individualy, as 6,000 summonses were 'considered' and issued in under 3 hours.

Why isn't Council Tax dealt with in Civil Court? Why are magistrates (allegedly) following civil procedure rules aligned with a criminal court, when handling an alleged debt? Councils hire a courtroom for the day just to process Council Tax matters. In addition, all CT matters are bulk processed, in other words they are failing to follow any official procedure. Ask the 'magistrates' if they are under their oaths. This would be impossible as they are private contractors. This is why they cannot issue a legally binding Liability Order.


A Film by Tony Rooke


Since May 12th 2011, you have been lawfully entitled to withhold all payments to HM Government.


''A nation of sheep, begets a government of wolves'

- Edward Murrow

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